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Delphish installation instructions for Mozilla Thunderbird

System requirements
  1. Operating systems
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000/2003 Server
  2. Mozilla Thunderbird

    Delphish is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird. You need an Mozilla Thunderbird system which has already been installed in order to be able to use the program. Delphish supports ODelphish supports Thunderbird versions as of 1.5.

  3. RAM

    The Delphish extension will be integrated into Thunderbird in its entirety. This means the same storage capacity requirements are valid in this case which are also required for operating Thunderbird.

  4. Hard disc memory

    The software itself will require approx. 5 MB of hard disc storage capacity after installation. In addition to this, a database is established which is required for on-going operation. The size of the file in turn will depend on how intensively you work with Thunderbird. In case of normal operation, the size of the file will be less than 1 MB.

Installation of Delphish for Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Click on Download in order to download the Delphish installation program (approx. 2.1 MB).
  • Then launch Mozilla Thunderbird and choose "Extensions" from the Tools menu.
  • Click "Install" in the Extensions window.
  • Choose the file you just downloaded and click "Open".
  • Confirm the Software Installation window after a few seconds by clicking "Install Now".
  • Thunderbird then prepares the Extension for installation.
  • After restarting Thunderbird you will see the Delphish Toolbar below the default toolbar of Thunderbird. Additionally, a new folder "Phishing" is created below "Local Folders".

Download Delphish Setup