Delphish protects your data against data misuse

Delphish is a free extension for MS Outlook / Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird which assists you in detecting Phishing attacks. It's absolutely free of any spy-ware. More …

Phishing is defined as the attempt to obtain confidential data with the help of forged e-mails. In e-mails that look deceptively similar to those by Paypal, Ebay or your bank you are asked to click on links or to enter personal data in forms.

The only protection against this type of fraud is to recognize phishing e-mails and not to carry out the instructions contained in them.

With Delphish you can check who has sent you a suspicious e-mail or from which region it comes. Delphish detects all hidden links and delivers information on the origin and the operator of the linked web sites as well as an analysis of the entire e-mail.